I am Adam Bradford Young from Medford, Massachusetts.  I am a Christian, a Husband and a Musician in that order.   I have a BS from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy.  I have been a studying musician since I was 5 years old.  I was educated in music with private lessons by several extraordinary teacher / mentors including my Father.  I have played and taught music professionally since the mid 80s, and have been a full time Musician for the last 20 years.  I have taught over 500 people how to play and have found teaching music to be my calling in life.

I have performed all over the United States and in several other countries.  I have a solo CD entitled SupahGeniosity available on ITunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.

I play Jackson Electric Guitars, Taylor and Ibanez Acoustic Guitars with Fractal Audio and Matrix Amplification through Mesa Boogie Speaker Cabinets.  I use GHS Boomers Strings, Elixir PolyWeb Acoustic Strings,  QSC Pro Audio and Presonus Digital Mixers along with Logic X on Mac.

I am glad to hear from you at 850-889-2044